GBC Italia has recently presented a manifesto listing its key themes: decarbonisation, circular economy, water efficiency, land use and biodiversity, resilience, well-being and healthiness, just transition. "It is important to bear in mind that buildings offer great potential in terms of achieving the goal of countering climate change since they are responsible for 36% of all emissions, 40% of energy consumption, 50% of extraction of raw materials in the EU and 21% of water consumption. "

Post Covid-19 the city will have to be rethought

The architect Stefano Boeri highlights the need for immediate large-scale public investment in construction, which will also help to restart the country's economy; a targeted commitment to the renovation of all public schools; and the replacement of at least 4 million energy-consuming, obsolete and outdated houses.

"Modern, sustainable and future-oriented infrastructures, the redevelopment of existing ones, the regeneration of our cities, schools, health system and protection of the territory": Regina De Albertis, technical director Borio Mangiarotti and President Ance Giovani list their priorities for an "economic policy that must be capable of restoring confidence in the country, repairing the damage that will have been caused and ensuring reforms capable of triggering a lasting and innovative path of growth".


Located in the municipality of Arzachena, AIRE Ltd is a point of reference in the plant engineering sector.Indeed, the studio, with years of experience in the sector, boasts two distinct locations:

- Viale Paolo Dettori n° 88, Arzachena, where it has three workspaces for staff with managerial positions in Administration, Coordination of administrative, accounting and financial services, and Performance management regarding the company's economic transactions.

Six interconnected and communicating workspaces occupied by the staff of the technical office, which, thanks to the use of sophisticated and avant-garde equipment, is able to develop solutions that always meet expectations, with personalised services that are always in line with the highest quality standards.

A commercial department specialised in the sale of technological products and services to companies and organisations. 

- the Naseddu site, located on Arzachena's industrial estate, which houses the PQI point (professionally qualified installers) and our heating partner MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, with a meeting room and two technical workstations. 

AIRE Ltd boasts three warehouses for the procurement of goods.


Aire Ltd, chaired by the engineer Gianni Battista Filigheddu, is an Italian company that has always understood the close link between energy and environment, valuing and prioritising renewable sources. Today it is one of Sardinia's most knowledgeable operators with regard to the realisation of technical systems.The company is very active in various sectors, including plumbing and heating, air conditioning, photovoltaic, solar thermal, the construction of swimming pools and charging stations for electric cars, and always takes due account of the environment and energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is the ability to make the best use of the available energy, guaranteeing a specific process or the provision of a service whilst using the least amount of energy possible.

With its knowledge and strong motivation in the adoption of increasingly innovative technologies, Aire Ltd has earned a position among the leading companies in the sector, so much so that it has enjoyed growth of around 6.5 million euros per year. To date, this company from Arzachena is one of the leading companies in the area with regard to the realisation of technical installations. It has overseen projects at prestigious villas on the Costa Smeralda and world-famous hotels such as Hotel Romazzino, Hotel Cervo and Hotel Pitrizza.

•offices in Via Paolo Dettori n° 88
•Naseddu site (Mitsubishi Electric PQI Point)


Aire Ltd's spheres of interest concern the whole of the technical plant engineering sector. The company specialises in the design and realisation of:

• renewable energy systems: photovoltaic, wind, solar thermal and geothermal systems
• mechanical, heating and air conditioning systems, underfloor heating, renewable energy sources, sanitary water, public and private swimming pools, wellness centres
• electrical installations, distribution, switchboards, protection against power surges and lightning strikes, equipotential bonding systems
• special systems, home automation, building automation, automatic regulation of auxiliary systems, PLC
• photovoltaic systems whether residential or large-scale
• sales of columns or wallboxes for charging electric cars
• electric car rental for accommodation facilities


Aire Ltd is active in the provision of maintenance solutions, where it operates with 20 specialised employees divided into operational teams with 24-hour availability.

All the technical staff of the Arzachena company undergo continuing professional development in the form of courses dedicated to all sectors of interest.

Aire Ltd offers specialised maintenance and assistance solutions for technical systems, such as direct expansion or combustion heating and cooling, UTAA, chillers and hydronic systems, thermo-hydraulic, electric, photovoltaic, swimming pools, filtration and water treatment, reverse osmosis (residential, large installations...) whether in the public or private domain.



Complete solutions for solar or wind energy installations...


CORONAVIRUS EMERGENCY! Aire Ltd provides a sanitising and disinfecting service using ozone as per the national protocol.
air conditioning

air conditioning

Aire Ltd offers systems for cooling in summer and heating in winter...

plumbing and heating

Design and installation of plumbing and heating systems...

electrical installations

The company designs and develops civil and industrial electrical installations...

swimming pools & spas

Swimming pools of all sizes, with optional heating system...



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